Libby Ulm • May 2023 • vendor insurance, online sales, cyber liability

Online sales for mobile vendors

Are you a mobile vendor who also has an online store? The SIA Mobile Vendor Policy can cover you for both your temporary space and your online store (as long as you're not only doing online sales)! Your business' annual gross revenue must not exceed $500,000.

For example, Susan travels to Renaissance festivals throughout the Midwest with her business, Fluttering Fairy Wings. While at the festivals, she sells fairy wings for humans and pets of all sizes! When Susan is not on the road, she

Libby Ulm • April 2023 • performer insurance, professional performer, commercial general liability coverage, assistant coverage

Assistant, who?

From a magician's assistant to a fire safety, we're here to help define what an assistant least when it comes to your SIA Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy!

The duties of the entertainer's assistant(s) can be as follows: Works with the insured for set-up and tear down, helps with the planning and organization of a show or booking, works with contracts, coordinates permits and requesting additional insured certificates, handles prop changes during the show, assists with crowd

Ariel Begley • March 2023 • performer insurance, professional performer, commercial general liability coverage, exclusions, pyrotechnics and fireworks

Pyrotechnics and fireworks exclusion on the performer policy

The performer policy has an exclusion for pyrotechnics and fireworks. While it's easy to grasp what fireworks are, defining pyrotechnics is a bit trickier.

For the purpose of the performer insurance policy, our carrier defines a pyrotechnic substance as a substance or mixture of substances designed to produce an additional effect by heat, light, sound, gas, smoke, or a combination of these (beyond simply fueling for a fire performance). It's usually contained in a machine but may also be

Libby Ulm • February 2023 • event planner insurance, commercial general liability coverage, mpep

Event planner insurance vs. event insurance

SIA's newest insurance program covers groups of select performers, as well as businesses that fall under categories of Music, Photos, and Event Planners (MPEP). Today, we're discussing event planner insurance. Insurance for an event planner isn't for someone putting on an event, but rather someone who is booking talent/groups/individuals for events. The MPEP program provides event planner insurance to protect against third-party bodily injury and medical claims, property damage to a venue or

Libby Ulm • January 2023 • inland marine coverage, insurance rider, 100% coinsurance clause

The 100% coinsurance clause

It's no secret that insurance policies are filled with clauses, provisions, and exclusions, which is why we always recommend reading your insurance policy closely and coming to us with any questions. We do our best to highlight what exactly is covered on our Performer and Vendor webpages, but if you ever have any doubt about your coverages, just ask! 

One clause we wanted to discuss in detail is the 100% coinsurance clause on the Inland Marine (business personal property) rider in the

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