Heather Zenzen • April 2024 • performer insurance, commercial general liability coverage, rigging

Rigging - what's covered and what's not?

We understand that rigging is a big part of some of our clients' performances, but what exactly is covered with our policy?...what's not? Let's dive in! 

First, there's no coverage for rigging for others with the performer policy (or any policy we offer). A performer is not a rigger, and riggers are a different insuring class. Performer assistants are also never covered for rigging for others. If a performer has an assistant on their policy, that assistant can be covered for helping that

Libby Ulm • April 2024 • additional insured, certificate holder, performer insurance, vendor insurance, commercial general liability coverage

What's the difference between an additional insured and a certificate holder?

Both an additional insured and a certificate holder are third parties that may be named on your policy. However, there are few key differences between the two! Let's break this down. 

What is an additional insured?

  • Is a named business (such as an event/venue) on your policy.
  • They're protected under your policy.
  • They can file a claim if they're sued due to something that arose from your actions/business.

What is a certificate holder?

  • Is a named business (such as an event/venue) on

Libby Ulm • March 2024 • performers, professional performer, marketing

How to market yourself as a performer

Lights, camera, You may have the sparkle and pizazz part of being a performer down, but what about marketing yourself? First things first, before you can market yourself, you need to know what your goals are. Do you want a contract with a big company? Be prepared to go through some sort of audition process. Are you looking to book more corporate gigs? Consider looking into local entertainment companies as a resource. Or maybe you're just wanting to gain more online visibility

Libby Ulm • February 2024 •

Booking gigs - the three P's (people, pay, and project)!

When you're deciding if you want to book a gig, remember your three P's: people, pay, and project. To make a gig worthwhile, you should be engaging at least two of the three P's. 

For example, you're asked to book a smaller gig. The pay is a little lower than your normal rate, but the director has connections to people who could help you in the future, and the gig is for an organization you care about. By accepting this project, you'd be engaging with both the project and people of the three

Libby Ulm • January 2024 • performer insurance, band insurance, commercial general liability coverage

Should a band have insurance?

If you're in a band, you may find yourself asking "Do I need insurance?" The answer is yes! Across the industry, we're seeing more and more events/venues requiring proof of Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance from entertainers. By requiring bands to hold their own insurance, the event/venue won't have to submit a claim on their policy, which could have possibly lead to an increase in their premium. Whether you're just starting out or you've been performing for years, holding a CGL

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