Meet the Team


Heather Zenzen

Heather Zenzen earned her degree in political science but has never been a politician. Instead, she directed communications and marketing at a thriving youth circus, soldiered in the US Army, and now insures mimes and mermaids and the like at the family business that is Specialty Insurance Agency (SIA). In addition, Heather also enjoys making stuff up and writing it down. She’s written for local campaigns and businesses as a freelancer, but novel-length work is her sweet spot. She lives in St. Paul, MN with her family, which includes two grown circus kids (one insured by SIA!), tall bald husband, five cats, and a clown dog.


Noah Zenzen

Noah is our SIA Vice President! When Noah isn’t actively stopping Heather from adopting more pets, he’s busy behind the scenes at SIA, fixing lines of broken code on the website. His great loves include woodworking (he’s currently creating a sweet litterbox cabinet), boating, and watching all the cat videos his wife sends him. He lives in the same house as Heather, with the same menagerie, and absolutely refuses to allow her to get a bird, no matter what.

Processing Manager

Angel Langness

Angel is our kickin’ up dirt, outdoor loving, and traveling expert! She is the SIA Processing Manager and has been with SIA for over 15 years. Her favorite colors are in the blue or green family, and if she could live anywhere in the world, she would choose Wisconsin because she loves the change of seasons (and it’s where her family lives)! Angel LOVES to travel and see the country. Some of her favorite vacations have been to Mexico (staying at an all-inclusive resort) and camping on the rim of the Badlands in South Dakota. Her favorite way to spend her time is doing outside activities such as camping, walking trails, riding ATV trails, and doing things with her friends. Angel has two children, a son, Josh, and a daughter, Sydney! In the summer, you can find her camping in Birchwood, WI on the weekends and riding her ATV. While Angel isn’t a performer herself, she loves to go to performances and be an audience member.

CSR and Certificates Manager

Pam Beaver

Pamela is our resident Wisconsin Packers fan, and SIA Certificate Manager! She recently added Customer Service Rep to her SIA title and has enjoyed getting to talk with the clients she has provided certs for over the years. If you've called our office, you've most likely talked to Pamela (who has been with SIA for over 12 years)! Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs. On the weekend, you can find Pamela hanging out with her doggies. Her favorite vacation that she's ever been on was to the beautiful island of Tahiti, and if she could live anywhere in the world, it would be there!

Communications & Marketing Manager

Libby Ulm

Libby joined the SIA team in 2021, and she is our Communications and Marketing Manager. She grew up performing in the circus, but she didn't have to run away...her mom drove her there! Libby performed at Circus Juventas for 13 years, and then went on to work in various admin roles under the big top (including being their Communications Manager). She graduated from Concordia University Saint Paul (CSP) where she was a tour guide, participated in the fall musicals, and danced/choreographed for their annual Spring Into Dance concert each year! After graduating from CSP in 2017, Libby became a member of Minnesota Dance Collaborative which is a company that marries performance dance and theater. When she's not performing or selling insurance, Libby can be found practicing her guitar or curled up on the couch reading a book with her cats, Stella and Sirius. Libby also loves road trips, hiking, and camping! Her favorite camping trip was to Custer State Park in the Black Hills, and her favorite vacation of all time was to the Bahamas.  

Agency Assistant

Lynn Lunny

Lynn is our Agency Assistant who joined the SIA team in 2021. Her favorite food is bread and cheese, in any form, and sushi! She has 1 husband, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats that she adores. Lynn is currently an aerial and hand balance performer, AND she owns and runs an aerial arts studio in Minneapolis, MN called @stompinggroundstudio . She has been performing and teaching for 15 years and her favorite colors are blue and green. Lynn likes to spend her time doing handstands, taking her dogs for walks, doing puzzles with her kids, and sewing! 

CSR and Marketing Assistant

Kelsey McKenney

Kelsey is our Customer Service Rep and Marketing Assistant, and she joined the SIA team in 2022! In her free time, she likes painting and drawing, although she mostly can be found rearranging the furniture in her apartment. She has a five-year-old son, Milo, who she is usually chasing around while he chases their two kittens, Frankie and Rosie. There is a lot of chasing…which is great because she’s not one to be found running around at the gym. Which brings us to snacks! A self-proclaimed snack snob, she can whip up a mean batch of pigs in a blanket, jalapeño poppers, or her favorite – cheese curds. She LOVES people, talking to people, cooking for people, drawing people, oh, and photographing people! Above all she especially loves making people laugh because she is…hilarious.

Office Assistant

Theo Zenzen

Theo is our Office Assistant, and they use he/they pronouns! Theo began going to Circus Juventas when they were 7 years old and is still performing there 11 years later. Some of their favorite acts to perform include static trapeze, silks, and Spanish web. Theo has a pet cat named, Jim, who is a very good boy! They even trained him to do tricks (sit, spin, stand, and high five). Jim is also very demanding and will walk around yowling until he gets a hug. They love all things dinosaur themed, reading, watching anime, and collecting manga and house plants. Theo also enjoys baking, specifically chocolate cake, banana muffins, and chocolate cookies!

Program Operations Manager

Sheri DiGirolamo

Sheri joins us as the Program Operations Manager for our newest insurance program for Music, Photos, and Event Planners (MPEP)! She is currently based out of Chicago, but if she could live anywhere in the world, she'd want to be near to wherever her kids are. Sheri speaks French and Spanish, and her husband’s first language is Italian, so wherever she lives, she'd love to spend time traveling through Europe and eating. Her favorite foods are Chinese or sushi. When not working, Sheri can be found watching her kids play sports, reading, and taking walks with her dog, Willow! Her son, Nick, plays baseball, her daughter, Maddy, plays volleyball, and her daughter, Lia, plays soccer and basketball.

Agency Manager

Ariel Begley

Ariel is excited to bring her experience both as a freelance performer and arts administrator to the SIA team as our Agency Manager. Ariel has been performing for as long as she can remember having grown up as a mime in South Dakota with her family mime troupe, Discovery Mime and Movement Theater. After earning her degree in acting at Northern Illinois University, she moved to Chicago where she worked as an actress and circus performer with a variety of theaters and companies. She also co-founded her own physical theater and event entertainment company, Imaginez Ensemblez, while based in Chicago. Ariel loves to travel and has toured nationally and internationally as a stilt walker, fire spinner, clown, and acrobat as well as a director, booking agent, and administrator for Imaginez.

In 2017, Ariel packed up her bags and her sweet (and spicy!!) kitty, Lucy, to move to the Twin Cities where she could be closer to her amazing little nieces and nephew and also continue to pursue her passions as an artist and performer. Today, Ariel is the proud new mom to her baby boy, Sully, who is 7 months old and has the most infectious giggle in the world. When not performing or working, Ariel likes nerding out on all things sci-fi/fantasy, snuggling her kitty, and going on grand epic adventures with her loving partner, Justin.

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