Why do I need an insurance policy?

Why do I need an insurance policy?

Maybe you've been in the industry for many years, maybe this is all new to you, but you may find yourself asking...Why insurance? Why now? Maybe you're even asking yourself "What is a Commercial General Liability policy?"

In the past few years across the industry, we've experienced more and more events/venues cracking down on insurance requirements to help better protect themselves from certain liabilities. This is where a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy comes into play! The standard CGL policy helps protect you in situations where others may be injured because of you, from property damage occurring from you being on a premises, offending someone, and many other scenarios. 

Not only should you consider an insurance policy to meet the requirements for certain events/venues, but to also make yourself stand out as a dedicated professional in your field. Holding an insurance policy could mean you getting booked over someone else! The trend in insurance requirements is only expected to rise, so why not get ahead of the game? Get insured, be taken as a serious professional, and enjoy the pleasure of working with our quick, friendly, and knowledgeable SIA team.

In addition to CGL policies for performers and mobile vendors, you can also add the following riders*: Inland Marine, Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM), Cyber Liability, and Professional Liability. While we hope you're never in a situation where one of these instances occurs, the policy exists to help ease the burden should the need arise for you to make a claim.

For more information about pricing, limits, and riders, check out the following pages for individual performers, groups of performers, and mobile vendors

*Not all riders are available for all policies. If you have any questions, check out or website, email info@specialtyinsuranceagency.com, or give our office a call at 715-246-8908.

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