Performers with vendor booths

Performers with vendor booths

Do you hold a performer policy and sell merchandise? Depending on your operations, you may need both our performer policy and a mobile vendor policy. Our mobile vendor policy insures your business, but not independent contractors, while our performer policy insures you, the individual. Whether you need both policies is on a case-by-case basis, but we've provided some examples below!

Example 1: You're a magician! After your jaw dropping performance, you set up a small table next to the stage to sell magic coloring books and magic wands. In this case, your operations are covered by the individual performer policy because you are the one running sales. 

Example 2: You and your best friend have teamed up to create the ultimate watching experience! As you wow the crowd with your aerial feats, your best friend runs a nonalcoholic beverage and concessions stand. In this case, you would need both an individual performer policy and a mobile vendor policy. 

Example 3: While gallivanting and providing singing telegram services at your local county fair, you also sell balloon bouquets and candy cups! These operations are all covered with just the individual performer policy

If you have any questions about if your operations are covered under your performer policy or if you should also hold a mobile vendor policy, please contact our office via email to or by giving us a call at 715-246-8908. 

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