Event planner insurance

Event planner insurance

SIA's newest insurance program covers groups of select performers, as well as businesses that fall under categories of Music, Photos, and Event Planners (MPEP). Insurance for an event planner isn't for someone putting on an event, but rather someone who is booking talent/groups/individuals for events. Event producers run events. Event planners and booking managers hire for events. We insure event planners/booking managers, but not event producers under MPEP. This program provides event planner insurance to protect against third-party bodily injury and medical claims, property damage to a venue or other third party, business legal defense fees, advertising liability, and any slander or libel claim.

Event planners need insurance they can rely on to pay unanticipated costs arising from a claim brought by a party guest who suffers injuries and medical expenses, or a client dissatisfied with some aspect of an important happening. SIA offers customized coverage to protect against the specific legal risks each event planning business faces whether you specialize in weddings, business and corporate events, or private parties. Please note that the event planner coverage through SIA's MPEP program does not cover the individual contractors or subcontractors you hire for the event. The talent you're booking should have their own liability coverage. 

When you plan special events, you are working with a service that is time-sensitive and perishable. A once-in-a-lifetime occasion can never be recaptured, and you can't do the event over again if anything goes wrong to ruin the moment. Because people invest a great deal of time, emotions, and money in their milestone celebrations, they have huge expectations and want every memory to be perfect. If something happens to mar even a small part of the day, they are incredibly quick to blame the event planner and often file claims to make this professional pay for their disappointment. Our plans safeguard your business and the clients from unexpected hazards and claims that could not only threaten the success of a special occasion, but also the financial health of your event planning company. 

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